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A trademark is one the most distinctive features of your goods and services, something that can make them stand apart, make them recognizable, and save your business of any plagiarism or duplication of any sort.

A trademark may, consist of words, slogans, logos, figures, images, letters, numbers, packaging, sound, movement, or combinations thereof.

Your brands are also, in many ways, the showcase for your business. They give your customers the opportunity to differentiate your products or services from that of your  competitors, thus giving your company the opportunity to better market the goods or services.

However, Trademarks are much wider in scope. Brand names or brand logos can be trademarked, that is why sometimes used interchangeably. They are not just used as identification or differentiation. They are legally registered entities to identify your business, so that no one else can steal or dissimulate your business. They are also seen as a guarantee of consistent quality.

A customer who is satisfied with the quality of your product or service will recognise the brand and continue to buy your product based on the expectations of quality that you provide. Therefore, you should put a lot of effort into choosing and designing an appropriate trademark, protecting it, using it wisely for advertising purposes, and being cautious of others' efforts towards misleading or incorrect use of your trademark.

When choosing a trademark, you should first find out if the proposed trademark or similar marks are already registered by others, for the category of products, services, or markets, that you are interested in. This type of information can be obtained by conducting a trademark search. Doing this early in the process is crucial to avoid both a waste of time and resources, as well as conflicts with other companies.

If you have searched for similar trademarks in trademark registers, you should think of the best way to find something different and unique for yourself that cannot be contested.

If you already have a trademark, and your business position is something that competitors aspire for, you should check trademark registries regularly, as new players might enter trying to pretend your identity.  

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